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Precision Laser 3D Scans for Anyone. Anywhere

The 3D Scanning Platform Driven by 3D Printed Scanners, Your Phone and the Cloud

Expensive traditional hardware 3D-scanners are and are stuck with whatever was placed into the box during design/production. They are limited in performance, as the quality of the cameras in these systems never stacks up against the smartphone you have in your pocket.

As standalone products, they can only leverage the limited computing power that it was built with.

From the day it is unboxed, it looses ground to technology advances it is unable to leverage or keep up with.

Here’s how we are changing the game

With the ASCAND 3D scanning platform, we make all of its 3D print files freely available for download.

By allowing LOCAL 3D printers to take over GLOBAL manufacturing, ANY number of users can own an affordable and powerful 3D-Laser-Scanner. Anywhere. Anytime. No ships. No trucks. No waste.

By leveraging the powerful camera in your smartphone, the power of  Cloud computing, and advanced algorithms that benefit from the latest advancements in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, we created the most widely available and powerful 3D scanning platform around, which we call ASCAND.